Wednesday, 24 October 2012

H18ORR Sleeping bags at the OMM.

Q: I am using the H18 680 Sleeping Bag at OMM this weekend , will it be able to cope with the -8 outside overnight temperatures predicted ? A: The 680 has an extreme comfort rating of -5. Having said that everyone has differing thresholds of how cold it is. There are other issues such as what thermals you wear, midlayer, hats , gloves and socks , would you get into survival bag for further warmth for the night. Our suggestion would be to add in an extra layer such as  the H18 down vest and 200grms and a very small pack size , this will give you the extra confidence going into the event. The other option is to replace your mid layer with a H18 Down Jacket at 320 grm maybe around same weight as your existing mid layer. All H18 down products are part of a layered system to cope with varying conditions.
Watch out for Andy Blackett, he has the new 480 sleeeping bag at the OMM this weekend.

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