Monday, 25 March 2013

DYCA Climbers

Hangar 18 is supporting Dorset Youth Climbing Academy which is a scheme to get young kids climbing in Dorset and aid with the transition from climbing indoors to outdoors. The kids within the group are highly talented some of which are climbing f7a and f7b which is an amazing achievement for anyone but more so for a 17 year old!

To the left is DYCA climber Nathaniel White climbing a dynamic route with some inspiration from the nearby Chris Sharma poster. Nathaniel is wearing one of Hangar 18's technical t-shirts which we donated to DYCA so they can climb hard whilst wearing our high quality technical fabric which has great heat and moisture control.

Recently the academy ran an open competition which attracted almsot 80 competitors from around the county seeing them compete in; speed, lead and bouldering competitions all competing to win the prize for their age group. That was the winter, as summer is approaching the kids are waiting for their outdoor trips to nearby Portland and Swanage to put their winter training into practise and send some hard routes.

Pictured right is Natasha Fisher-Pearson climbing one of the more technical routes at Shaftsbury climbing wall, Natasha is also wearing a Hangar 18 technical t-shirt.

The academy runs sessions all around Dorset in the evenings for more information visit their website

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