Thursday, 12 December 2013

Press Release - Imitation Jackets

It has come to our attention that Down Jackets are for sale in the UK under the brand name 'HANGAR EIGHTEEN'. The said jackets are heavily discounted and are available in TK Maxx. These are NOT manufactured by us and fall a long way short of the high standards we set for H18 products. Our products are manufactured to a much high quality. We only use the very best lightweight performance materials and the fill of our Down Products are all minimum 90% New Duck or Goose Down and maximum 10% feather. The jacket available at TK Maxx is 50% Down and 50% feather as on the label and says it has a fur trim which it does not. We are very disappointed that a company would appear to be trying to ‘Pass Off’ products with a Trade Mark which we own. We are taking legal advice and ask you to be careful in what you buy, if in doubt of the product being genuine, then please contact us

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