Sunday, 8 February 2015

London University Bouldering Event round 3

This past weekend we took a trip to Craggy Island 2 in Sutton for the third round of the London University Bouldering Event. Roz, the event organizer, was keen to show us what the event is all about and give us a taste of what it is like to compete.

The event, which starts at 10, meant that some of the competitors had some horrifically early starts, Exeter University having to be up at around 4am! We had a slightly less harsh start getting up at 6am and arriving at Craggy Island just at about 9am, just in time for a morning coffee before more than 100 University students from across England turned up.

Johnny from Exeter University trying problem five, the terrifying rock over at the top of the wall

left some climbers slightly shaken after their completion.

The comp got going around 10:30am and was off to a flying start. The competitors had 25 problems from easy to super hard with both male and female competitors climbing the same problems. The competitors competing both in teams and as individuals for their University hoping to achieve one of the top spots and get some of the great prizes that are on offer.

A climber attempting problem one, a tough dynamic move was proving difficult
to some of the competitors.

Sam, from Hangar 18, on one of the longer problems. This route moved its way across the 
lip of the roof to a technical rock over onto the slab.

There was a great atmosphere on the day with a great feeling that everyone was enjoying themselves and having a really good day. A great selection of routes was presented by the setters from Craggy Island testing all the climbers on the day, a great mix of powerful as well as technical problems.

Slightly different beta being used on problem five, unfortunately this was unsuccessful. On the right one of the more memorable problems.

As seen in the photo above, the Craggy Island horn made an appearance. I have great memories of this feature being in every comp I have been to at Craggy Island and this weekend was no exception with the horn being in a route involving a massive dyno to the awkward mantle. 

A climber on the tough middle section to problem number 8.

Good luck to all the competitors for round number 4. We are proud to be one of the sponsors of the event and look forward to sponsoring the event in the years to come.

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