Sunday, 12 July 2015

Gael's Review of the Hangar 18 Windproof

Hi there, 

A few words about the H18ORR Windproof Jacket Sam from Hangar 18 nicely sent me a few weeks ago and I had the chance to test since, even on race conditions, during the Marathon de Lure <>.

First, I have to say that I already have two windproof jackets. One from the major sports equipment dealer here in France, the other from a major climbing brand. I bought the 1st about 5 or 6 years ago, it’s still running. The 2d last year, to be part of my UltraVasan 90 pack. They both give me what I need, wind and rain protection, with a small packaging

And then arrived the H18ORR Windproof jacket !

Sam sent me the “M” size, which is perfect for me ( I’m 1,83m tall), not too loose, not to tight.
I’m ok with the orange, i grew up in the 70’s so… ;)
And you’ll be seen !

Good work on the elastics for the wrists, it’s tight, not garrotted.

And what to say about the hood ? A perfect hood is always a “problem” for me, as I don’t use it very often, except in hard rain. One of my previous jacket has a velcro to keep it packed when you run, but not very easy to unpack while running…

On my other jacket the hood has a tuning system to fit to your head, but, I don’t know you, but I have never found the correct fit. Furthermore, this system is often made with solid plastic parts which can pat your head while running, and I don’t like that…

Here with the H18ORR Windproff jacket you don’t have these problems, because you don’t have nothing! And it’s perfect! Nothing to tune, nothing to bother you while running. You just have an elastic band on the edge of the hood, and it’s enough! The hood will stay on your head while running, even in windy conditions.

The package is perfect as the jacket comes in its own pocket, no bigger than a orange. One of my other jacket comes in a pocket you’ll have to carry with you, or not, as it’s easy to loose it...

Furthermore, it is so light you’ll have no excuses, you can bring it with you whatever you wear.

Anyway, this is a great outdoor product. 

This is not a jacket, it’s a shelter. 

Many thanks Sam.

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