Monday, 23 September 2013

Helen Skelton tests the 380g down sleeping bag

H18 ORR Down Sleeping Bag Review, Sept 2013.

I had the chance to test a shiny new sleeping bag this week in Mountain Marathon mode – H18 ORR’s 380g down sleeping bag.

I was slightly dubious about the bag on first inspection...there’s not much to it! I have tested the 480g bag in some horrid conditions and was really pleased with it so kept an open mind.
The main difference with the 380g bag is the lack of full side zip – although there is a small zip at the top of the bag with a Velcro closure over the zip stop and a draw string, so still functions in the same way as it’s big sister and I had no trouble wiggling into the hole at the top!  I felt the cut was slightly better too.

The main thing with Mountain Marathon kit is obviously to keep weight and volume to a minimum while packed into my rucksack. The beauty of the down- proof nylon outer construction of the bag meant that I was able to compress the bag down to a very small size by putting it a good quality dry bag, almost vacuum packing it by squeezing the air out.  I’ve never been able to get a sleeping bag to such a small size before so really impressed. The nylon outer is also very quiet and doesn’t rustle, which is a bonus when trying not to wake your team mate up trying to get comfy in the tent.

The overnight conditions were dry and relatively mild. The bag performed really well, highly breathable, warm and comfortable and I didn’t need to layer up with any of my mandatory MM kit, so I would feel confident using the bag on an event in more extreme conditions.


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