Sunday, 20 April 2014

Down sleeping bag in Font

We all know sleep is vital to recovery this is even more important during a climbing trip when you want to be performing at your best day after day.  With this in mind I took the Hangar 18 380g sleeping bag with me to Fontainebleau on a week bouldering trip during which I would be staying in a (fairly crap) tent with night time temperatures a few degrees above freezing.

The Hangar 18 380g bag is insanely light and packs down ridiculously small this is great not only if you’re backpacking or trekking but also if you are limited to travelling in a Peugeot 106!  It did however leave me a little concerned about how insulating it would be. So I took with me the Hangar 18 down vest (though I never leave home without this anyway), a sleeping bag liner and a pair of tracksuit bottoms to use with the sleeping bag if needed.  Sleeping with all of this on was far to warm! The sleeping bag is plenty warm enough on its own with just a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms on. 
Size wise the Sleeping bag is great, it’s long enough for an average sized bloke and broad enough at the shoulders to give a comfy nights sleep but not so loose as to leave unnecessary space to heat up.  The zip is easy to operate once inside the bag (handy when you start to over heat). The hood is big enough to fit a makeshift pillow in or can be pulled tight around the head using the drawstring.

All in all the 380g sleeping bag is a great product that I will definitely be using again!

Keiha Dhruev


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