Wednesday, 31 October 2012

OMM Howgills Report 3.

Running the OMM with Nic Barber was always going to be a tough couple of days. We had entered the B class and fancied we might have a good race against the favourites of Jonathan Crickmore & Peter Bray.  Every gram was saved before we set off, but we each packed a couple of luxury items - myself a NeoAir and Nic some flat bubble wrap - to make sure we survived the night.  I had the H18ORR 480g sleeping bag, which was excellent.  I got into bed straight after dinner and was too warm in the middle of the night despite freezing temperatures outside.  I took off a layer and slept through from 6pm to my alarm call at 6am.

Waking up fully rested we started third and quickly passed the team in second, despite chasing hard we lost ground on Jonny and Peter and finished 2nd.  No regrets, we can have another go next year!


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