Monday, 18 February 2013

Hangar 18 2013 Update

So... what has Hangar 18 been up to so far in 2013...

We began the year as we ended the last by running in the snow and ice which we thoroughly enjoy, below you can see the elephant trees (located above Wolsingham in Weardale) with a good covering of snow.
This crazy weather then gave us a taster of the summer with some temperatures reaching the mid-teens. Below is a carrick reaching over 8 feet! We were impressed to see this.

As I'm sure you all know the weather took another turn towards the snow. After the southern sector of Hangar 18 had made a trip up north we had to take shelter within one of our sponsored venues Climb North East where we met MEP Fiona Hall, she had a climb and was interested in what we are doing as a company both in product design and manufacture as well as supporting local competitions and clubs.

One of our big plans for 2013 is the introduction of our shoe range including the highly anticipated 'zero'. Below is a picture showing Jim wearing the trail shoes which are due for release over the next few weeks, they have already been tested over hundreds of miles of all types of terrain and are preforming to a very high standard. Keep checking facebook and twitter for an update on when the shoe will be released.

The weekend just gone we had the pleasure of seeing the Banff Film Festival during its yearly tour. This is the second year Hangar 18 has attended the viewing and once again the videos blew our minds and got up phyched for the summer. If you ever get the chance it is well worth seeing, climbing, skiing and mountain biking videos are always more inspiring on a big screen with an audience of a few hundred fellow outdoors people.

On a final note below is two photographs, both taken on the same day, one by the southern team and one by the northern team... guess who took which photo? 

Finally.... keep an eye out for Hangar 18 cropping up in various places over the coming months.

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