Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hangar 18 visits the Banff Mountain Film Festival

On Saturday 16 feb we were treat to 6 outdoor adventure films at the Banff film festival shown in the Poole Lighthouse Theatre. These films got us phyched for climbing and skiing but also allowed us to gain more of an interest in kayaking and exploration as well as being an enjoyable evening.

The kyaking film was not as inspiring as last years dramatic film - remembered well by the man in the front row asking "does anyone get eaten this year?” it still showed us some amazing scenery and kept us gripped with the drama halfway through - I won't spoil it for you! However, the other films were stunning. Having seen the reel rock tour a few months previously we had already witnessed Honnld 3.0 but Alex Honnold is always impressive to watch... Especially when he's soloing half done, el cap and Mt Watkins in under 24 hours. That moment when his foot slips is even more dramatic with 600 other people holding their breath at the same time. Alex's sense of humour also shows through in this video giving us all a good laugh as well as the innuendoes from the other people on the video kept us entertained throughout. 

The skiing film titles Being There defiantly blew us away with their amazing filming. Having taken a helicopter with them they achieved some amazing shots of the guys performing some of the hardest tricks you can do on skis! Couple that with a fantastic soundtrack and what more could you want – except of course to be there yourself!

The highlight for us was Crossing the Ice. This is the story of two teams one pair and one solo racing to be the first to and from the South Pole unsupported. This is a self-shot film showing what it is really like to spend 3 months in freezing temperatures and running out of food. This film is made even better by the great sense of humor both teams have - such as during their first meeting one of the way to the pole the other on the return one party wore a scream mask to scare the other team. Humor couple with the well-filmed drama kept us entertained throughout the entire film and left us wanting more. 

As normal there was giveaways and free products, which surprisingly neither of us won. But was a great evening and we’ll be looking forward to next year. 

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