Thursday, 17 October 2013

Exeter University Climbing Competition 2013

Exeter University Climbing Club has just had their autumn climbing competition at the Quay Climbing Centre with Hangar 18 sponsoring the event providing prizes for the trophy winners.

The day was a great success for the club having around a great turn out from members to compete in the friendly comp. The routes were set from easy to pretty tough providing a great amount of routes for those new climbers who have only been climbing a few weeks to those who are climbing regularly to a high level.

Results are as follows;

1st Male – Matt Parkinson
2nd Male – Jonny Kydd
3rd Male  - Keiha Dhruev

1st Female – Emily Fell
2nd Female – Rosa Williams
3rd Female – Patrycja Ochonczenko

Well done to everyone who competed on the day. 

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