Thursday, 3 October 2013

Trail running in Skopelos.

We had been recommended Skopelos in the Greek Islands as a good holiday destination many times, so this September booked it up. After a 3 hour flight to Skiathos, a 5 minute taxi ride to the port a 45 minute wait and then a ferry to Skoplelos Town which took 40 minutes. We based ourselves in Skopelos Town.

We rented a car which helped us get to the remote area’s.

The trail running in Skopelos turned out to be very good. The island is split by 2 distinct areas. Mount Delphi with the highest peak on the island of 681m and Mt Palouki at 567m. Both of these area’s are accessible running in from Skopelos Town.

Looking across to MT Delphi from MT Poulaki.

The most popular route was the Monastery Trail on Mount Poulaki from Skopelos Town This is popular with fell walking clubs and proved to be an excellent run.

Running off MT Poulaki on Monastary Trail .

The island also offers Mountain Biking , sea kayaking , diving and sailing activities and well as some remote beaches/coves to swim or snorkel in. There is plenty of rock here, some of the best bouldering we found was on either side of Staphylos cove.

Excellent companion book is Heather Parsons, ‘Skopelos Trails’ as well as the 2500 map of the Island.

We were a little worried of the Mamma Mia effect but we saw nothing of any hype at all of this friendly , laid back island.

All in all a good adventure travel location, easy access from uk, highly recommended.

During the visit H18 products I used were Running Shorts, Alpaca socks, Technical T, Cotton T, Insect Repellent, Hand Wash, Prototype Travel wash, Flip Flops, Prototype Approach/Adventure travel shoe.

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