Sunday, 26 April 2015

Gaël's sock review

Hi everyone,

I'm Gaël from France, and I'd like to share with you some thoughts on the H18ORR Alpaca Socks (heel tab) I had the chance to test.

I'm 40 years old, and I've started to run several years ago, as I started living in the mountains, in the French Alps.
My playground is mainly made of trails I can found just in front of my doorstep, and I'm outside whatever the weather or the season is, skiing in winter, running (and cycling) from spring to autumn.
2014 was a serious year for me, as I've decided to participate in 3 big races, 45km and 2500m elevation gain, 77km and 3500m elevation gain, and 90km and 900m elevation gain for the UltraVasan90, the summer and trail version of the famous swedish ski race Vasaloppet. It was sometimes hard and painful, but I've finished each of the races running!

Some months ago I was in touch with Sam at H18ORR, who kindly sent me a pair of their Alpaca running socks. I had to delay the test due to the snow on the trails, but it finally disappears weeks ago.
The test took place in various runs, the last one was about 3h and 21km ( and 1000m elevation gain).

The socks.

Sober look, but what comes immediately to sight is the quality of the product, made seriously with textile well made. The shape is great, and the socks are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. I was first afraid of a sock partly made of wool, because of the warmth. With some runs in the cold, and others in hotter temperatures I know now that the socks are convenient for every kind of weather.
You don't feel the sewings once in the socks, and you'll appreciate a specific weaving on the metatarsal bones, which keeps the socks right in place on the foot, even if it's wet. I also appreciate the adjusted size, just to protect the heel.

And last but not least, after many runs, the socks don't smell...
A must have.

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