Thursday, 16 April 2015

Windproof Review

A few months ago I received one of the H18ORR windproof jackets, and since then I’ve been putting it through its paces.  If you search the web you’ll find a wide variety of windproofs out there, and many are much of a muchness, not really standing out from the crowd.  Well the H18ORR windproof jacket literally stands out from the crowd in its strong orange colour!  

Seriously, the niche it carves for itself is in the minimalist ultra-lightweight category.  Don’t expect all the trimmings such as chest pocket, draw cords, thumb loops etc.  But what you get in their place is super lightweight and perfectly functional.  At 90g and packing very small it easily fits in a bum-bag just in case, and when worn you hardly notice it.  I’ve tested it in very windy conditions, and it keeps the wind off just fine, whilst remaining perfectly breathable when you work up a sweat.  I’ve even used it when it has started to drizzle and it has kept me dry to the end of my run (anything longer or wetter and you’d probably look for a waterproof instead).

Styles of windproofs vary – hood or no hood; full length zip or smock.  The H18ORR jacket I’ve been trying has full length zip and hood.  In the past I’ve reasoned that if the weather is bad enough to need a hood, I probably want a waterproof or I’ll wear a hat, right?  But I might be a convert, finding the hood on the H18ORR windproof a useful addition.  When not needed it is light enough you don’t notice it, and when it gets windier, particularly in the cold, you pop it up and it keeps your head a lot warmer.  I’m also pleased to say the cut and elasticated trim are such that the hood doesn’t flap around or get blown off in the wind (unlike hoods on some other jackets I own!).

Overall I’ve been really impressed.  And the current price tag is good value for money in a market where others can seem pricey (with ultra-lightweight kit it often seems like a case of “less is more”!).  With summer just around the corner, but always a risk of some inclement weather in the UK, this is just the thing to have with you when you are out running.

Duncan Archer
H18ORR Ambassador

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